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      slotxo com sign in

      Our Services

      We offer innovative solutions to make your business stand out.

      Web Design & Development

      From design to hosting, we offer hassle-free website solutions for busy business owners. Designed, updated and managed for you.


      Search Engine Optimization is the best way to make sure you rank high on search engines and get consistent web traffic.

      Branding & Marketing

      Advertising campaigns, management and development of strategies to leverage power of internet and social media.

      Mobile Development

      Whether you're considering an app, a mobile site or responsive design, we can help and advise you on a best way to reach your customers and increase your digital presence.

      Our Process

      • Step 1

        Idea Screening

        Develop a thorough understanding of the project, audience, and objectives to create a plan of action. Eliminating unsound concepts, evaluating competitors, analyzing market trends and opportunities, and assessing technical feasibility.

      • Step 2

        Concept Development

        Defining business requirements, target market, product features, and benefits.

      • Step 3

        Asset Collection

        After a path for the project is established, we will prompt you to provide us with several assets needed to begin the design and development of your site. These assets can include: Registrar information,Logos and graphics, Social media links, Example sites, Email addresses, Content, Additional design inspiration

      • Step 4


        Craft a homepage concept, plus an interior page concept to reflect the objectives. One round of revisions is included for each to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the direction of the project.

      • Step 5


        Bring the design to life in the form of an interactive and functional prototype. Review, refine, optimise and launch the final product.

      Managed Web Hosting

      Hassle-free hosting solutions for busy business owners. Designed, updated and managed for you.


      $80 /month
      • Regular Website Maintenance & Optimisation
      • Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation
      • Competitor Analysis
      • Ongoing Website Performance Monitoring & Optimisation
      • Unlimited Website Content Updates
      • Back-ups Of Website Content And Data
      • Blog Maintenance
      • Unlimited FTP Users
      • CMS Integration (WordPress,Wiki,Forum,Shopping Cart etc.)
      • 100GB Web Space
      • MySQL 5.5
      • 10 FTP Users
      • SSL Certificate Support
      • Unlimited Website Traffic
      • Email Support Included

      Some of

      Our Clients

      Contact Us

      (03) 9005 7197

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